12/08/2022 - My Eocene article is now published open access online!

11/08/2022 - Carbon Brief wrote an article on Arctic amplification, in which I was asked to comment on the article claiming that, in observations, the Arctic is warming faster than in climate models.

26/06/2022 - I have a poster and leading a discussion at the 2022 Climate Engineering Gordon Research Conference in Newry (ME). Needless to say, it’s been a busy June!

22/06/2022 - I was invited to give a casual group talk at NCAR (Boulder, CO) on my ECS work. What a lovely environment to work in, and great people to chat with!

15/06/2022 - I gave a talk at the Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics (AOFD) conference in Breckenridge (CO, USA) on the State dependence of the clear-sky longwave feedback in a clear-sky GCM. It was great to reconnect with colleagues from across the pond!

07/06/2022 - I was invited to give a talk at the Carnegie Research Workshop on Continental Climate Change in St Andrews (UK) on the Reduced High-Latitude Land Seasonality in Climates with Very High Carbon Dioxide.

22/05/2022 - I was invited to give a seminar at the Weizmann Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences in Israel (remote) on Different Pathways to an Early Eocene Climate. It was unusual but fun to give a talk on a Sunday, great to meet Israeli colleagues!

10/03/2022 - I gave a talk on some Isca simulations investigating the peak in Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity around 310K to the physical climate group here in Exeter.

11/02/2022 - Carbon Brief guest post on Arctic amplification, loosely based on the recent review. I am very happy to have contributed to Carbon Brief, who generally do great work!

04/06/2021 - I lead a CMIP6 hackathon team working on temperature and precipitation extremes in solar geoengineering scenarios.

23/03/2021 - I co-hosted a little seminar with the Exeter and Bristol groups on paleoclimates, and presented on my recent Eocene work.

17/03/2021 - I joined my PhD group at McGill University for a presentation on my Eocene work, and a “visit”. It was great to catch up!

22/10/2020 - I gave a talk on my new work on the seasonality of high latitude surface temperature change in an idealized GCM with no clouds or sea ice to the Climate Dynamics group in Exeter. There should be a pre-print coming out soon-ish.

07/07/2020 - I was invited to give a presentation on my PhD work as part of the Scripps journal club (online!). Recorded here and was followed by an interesting conversation. Thank you for the invite!

06/29/2020 - I gave a poster presentation for the 6th UK National Climate Dynamics Workshop on some very preliminary results on how the combination of low surface heat capacity of land and the Stefan-Boltzmann nonlinearity (again!) leads to increased warming in winter and decreased warming in summer over high latitude land relative to high latitude ocean.

03/01/2020 - I joined the research group in Exeter with Prof. Goeff Vallis.

02/15/2020 - I finished a long walk from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Compostelle along the Camino Frances (769 km)!

12/06/2019 - I defended my PhD! My thesis entitled “Polar Amplification: what does the Temperature Feedback have to do with it?” is available here.